Why I like Working with Hope Suhr:

hope you guys made that workshop so easy to understand and uncomplicated that I walked out of there not afraid not scared and able to kind of be confident and moving forward with what I wanted to do. I am so grateful keep up the job keep up the good work keep doing this and keep helping people you guys are amazing.

Wonda W.

I want to say Thank you Hope Suhr for all of your help. She has been wonderful. She guided us through all of this, and she helped us and answered all of our questions. She's very knowledgeable of everything with regarding the Social Security and personal health insurances, and she guided us throughout this whole process. And we want to thank hope for doing all of this. She is excellent at what she does, she has been amazing. thank you

Lourdes H.

Thank you, Hope! Your experience with Medicare was valuable, she answered all my questions, and I felt very comfortable. Thank you very much. Hope!

N. H.

This lady has been so incredibly helpful to me. Her knowledge and her expertise and professionalism is really amazing. She picks up the phone every single time I have a question. I don't do it a lot, but I have done it, and she's been there and she's answered my question and ease my, my worry. I can't thank her enough for the help that she has given me and my mom. She will be my Medicare person for the rest of my life. I trust her.

Tracy M.

If you find yourself in a financial dark hole, HOPE really does have you covered!!! Financial issues can be embarrassing and difficult to share. Hope Suhr created a space for me to feel comfortable sharing the financial secrets I'd rather have kept hidden, and brought them out into the light! My credit score went from 'unmentionable' to 'I'm GOOD!' I went from creditors calling me to 'here's my attorney's number' and from 'no way can I buy a house' to 'I'm on track to purchase a vacation home by next year!' Hope really cares about every person she serves and will offer you the best option for your financial and insurance needs. Her energy alone will light up the Inland Empire, and her business savvy and education will light up your future!!! God Bless you Hope!!!!

Nancy J.

If you ever need help in Medicare Insurance Hope is the person to come to. I did have Medicare but didn't know the in's and outs. My Medicare was draining us. My husband saw this pamphlet at the Doctors office and decided to call, Hope answered. She asked us questions to what we wanted in insurance, worked diligently, looking up what was best for me. She kept us in the loop through the whole process. She explained everything to where we could understand it. She saved us money got us the best insurance for me. She was a blessing.


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